frequently asked questions

What is Birth Photography/Videography?

It's is a visual 'story' of one of the most important days of your life - the birth of your precious baby.  Imagine being able to look back over this day where all those 'blurry moments' are filled in, where you can see the emotion that occurred, the strength you possessed, the support you received and to top it all of, your baby's first breath, your first glimpse of them, and your very first cuddle.  Ahhhh now those are moments that should be captured, preserved and never forgotten - and with Birth Photography/videography, never will.


Do you take pictures of the whole labour and birth?

Yes, I sure do. I will attend your place of birth when you are in established labour and stay for the birth and approximately 1.5 hours after bubs has arrived. We can have a chat about exactly what images you do or don't want at our initial meeting.  


How many births have you  attended?

As at 6/1/2021......207!


Will you post the photos/films on the internet?

Not unless I have your agreement!  I ALWAYS ask your permission to show your images on the internet, so please do not be worried about that. Birth Photography/videography is very personal and if you choose not to have any shown, then that's ok! 


Will we meet before the birth?

Yes, definitely would love to have a pre-birth meeting, ideally with you and your husband/partner. It's always great to get to know each other before the big day.


When do you show up?

When you are in established labour, I will then stay until approximately 2 hours after your baby has been born.


How long will you stay?  What if I have a long labour?

I will stay for as long as it takes!  However sometimes if you have an epidural, I may leave while you have a rest and come back when its 'go time' again.

What area do you cover?

I am based in Hamilton, New Zealand and attend births at Waikato Hospital, River Ridge Birth Centre, Waterford Birth Centre, Te Awamutu Birthing and homebirths within the Waikato area. I do travel occasionally to the Bay of Plenty area, it really depends on how many births I have due surrounding your due date. If you are in the BOP area, please contact me to discuss this.


What if I have a c-section?

Please contact me to discuss options available.


When should I book you?

ASAP!  I can book up very fast.  I take a very limited amount of birth clients per month to ensure my availability for each birth. 


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes definitely.  I require a deposit of $500 and the balance paid by 38 weeks of your pregnancy. You can pay this off during your pregnancy if need be.


How long will it take to get my photographs/video?

You can expect your images/video  within 4-5 weeks of the birth.