kind words

Thank you Cassie for capturing one of the best days of our lives! The memories we have of the birth of hunter are just beautiful. I still watch the slideshows a lot and can’t do it without a tear! Not only are you an amazing photographer, but an AMAZING support person too. You made me feel so empowered and strong during the labour and birth of our beautiful baby boy. We cannot thank you enough for being there with us, through it all, documenting it all along the way. From our first meeting I felt instantly comfortable and relaxed with you. During the time I was most vulnerable, you helped Zane and I hold it together. We literally cannot thank you enough!!!!

Terri - Hunter's Mum

I first heard about birth photography while pregnant with our first child, and when I floated the idea to my partner he was . . . hesitant. Another person? At our birth? Photos? But why? But I convinced him to meet Cassie and by the time she left our house, we knew she'd be there to capture the birth of our baby.  Cassie was more than a photographer. She was a reassuring presence in our birth room. She didn't impose, in fact at times we forgot she was there, but when we came back into focus, she was there with a smile of encouragement. 
Cassie was the first person we told about our second pregnancy, because we knew we needed her there again. Not just for the photos, but for the calm she brings. Our eldest now asks to watch his birth, and our youngest sits there entranced as the images play. Being able to share these moments with our children as they grow is truly special. 
What Cassie does is more than 'take photos'. She captures magic.

Em - Ziggy and Jagger's Mum


The lovely Cassie took photos for our third birth/child this year. She made us feel so comfortable about it all right from the first meeting, we kept in touch in the lead up which kept me at ease. On the big day Cassie was like having another midwife in the room, she was helpful, funny, good chats and half the time I didn’t even notice she was there! We are so grateful for the beautiful photos/videos from that day and the assistance she provided (helping the husband choose the babies outfit) as after an epidural I wasn’t able to get up and take photos myself so now we have these beautiful memories captured forever and we love them. Thank you.

Emma - Darcy's Mum

The thought of having someone you don't know at your birth can be daunting, especially that person taking photos and videos of a personal event. However, upon meeting Cass I immediately knew she was the perfect woman for the job. She has a kindness and warmth to her that makes you feel like you've known her for years. I've often described her presence as a positive vibe that she brought into my birth space. And as you can see from her photos and videos, her skill at taking beautiful images is incredible. 

Thank you Cass x

Rebecca - Miles and Charlie's Mum


Child birth is often something that in hindsight, feels surreal and distant from memory. As a birthing mother, you have no idea of what is going on around you and what other people present are experiencing. Cass gives the gift of capturing it all. Watching our birth video and looking back through the images brings it all flooding back and gave me the privilege of seeing the raw emotion experienced by those closest to me. It is a timeless reminder of the beauty if birth and the deep love Levi and I share for each other and our Bowie. It excites me to know those moments will be frozen in time forever. Cass truly captures the visual, physical, emotional and spiritual journey of childbirth.

Chinekwa - Bowie's Mum


What can I say? I was so fortunate to hear about Capturing life birth photography before falling pregnant with our wee girl. As soon as we found out we were expecting, we knew that we NEEDED Cassie to work her magic and capture our journey for us - we didn’t want to miss or forget any of it! She was so accommodating, professional and supportive that we ended up getting pregnancy photos, birth photography, newborn photos, sneaky 1st birthday photos and even returned for the amazing family videography! We can’t thank her enough for the memories that we are now able to keep and share with Indie and have no doubt that we will be convincing Cassie to capture more special moments for us in the near future. The only thing I would recommend is that you have tissues nearby when you receive her amazing work. 

Liss - Indie's Mum

Having these images from Hazel’s birth are special for us as a family  and a glorious way for her to someday re count the day she was born. These images Cassie has so beautifully captured for us celebrate my strength as a woman, I am personally so proud to look over them and they instantly lift me. I DID IT! Labour was satisfying and hard work and I DID IT! These images are a personal journey for ME, and they reflect the power of labour and the end of a light and delightful pregnancy with Hazel living inside of me.  Having these images give me the privilege of seeing so much that I missed when I was labouring, and they reflect the love and care my devoted husband gave me on that day. We love watching Hazel’s birth movie together!

Money, or words can not describe how I feel about having these images, and I think we are truly lucky to have a birth photographer in the Waikato as talented as Cassie.

If another pregnancy would come to our family, there is no doubt in my mind Cassie would be there to capture the smiles, tears and power of labour.

Thank you Cassie xox

Steph - Hazel's mum

Thank you so so much Cassie! You are beyond amazing! I totally agree with Zoe when she said you fit in perfectly to a home birth setting! You have such a beautiful, warm and relaxed energy and I am so happy you have been a part of both our babies births! Your photos capture so much more than I can ever put into words, they are priceless. I cannot thank you enough xx

Chloe - Eyla, Macklin and Axel's mum


Dear Cassie,
Thank you. Two words that don't come close to the appreciation I have for the gift you have given me... in which all I can in return, say. Thank you. You are a beautiful lady, inside and out with such a talent that captures a pinnacle highlight of ones life, meeting the love of your life for the first time after their birth.

I love everything. I love the slideshow (which I still can't watch without a tissue or three!), the book, the images and the way you presented it all. As you know I really wanted to capture my birth as beautiful as your many others you have immortalised via your slideshows ... And to say I was overly skeptical and nervous is like saying the ocean is a bit of water. I even drafted emails to you cancelling you on more than one occasion. Certain I'd be disappointed in what I'd see in my images as I wasn't one of your beautiful mothers giving birth i'd seen in your images and slideshows. I was so super nervous to have a "stranger" with a camera taking lord knows what photo's in whatever state I was in. I couldn't of been more wrong. You were so considerate, personable, and turns out... a friend I hadn't met yet! I am now gutted not to have the moments of meeting my other children captured in such a memorable and beautiful way.

As I sit here looking at images of our beautiful, precious baby I continue to try and think of a gift I could give to you in return that compares in some sort of way to what you have given me for eternity. The answer? Short of giving you a million dollars or maybe a kidney all I can say is Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your constant reassurance, your brilliance and your supreme talent. Thank you for being you.

To anyone who is contemplating booking you to capture their birth, don't. Don't give it another thought. Just do it. You won't regret it, in fact you won't want to do it any other way without Cassie to CAPTURE your LIFE.

Yours convincing hubby to do it again,
Sharne - Evelyn's Mum


We were privileged enough to have Cassie attend and document the birth of our son through her amazing photography skills. However our relationship with Cassie began well before this day. From the initial contact we had with Cassie she was nothing but amazing! Cassie provided us with all the information in regards to her birth photography services promptly and ensured me that she could offer us her services for Louie's birth. Cassie then allowed us to pay off the cost of the birth photography package throughout my pregnancy which was very helpful because as we all know setting up for a baby is not cheap. Towards the end of my pregnancy Cassie took time out of her busy schedule to come and meet with us and our midwife to discuss the plan for when the time was to come and this was not required but so greatly appreciated. It helped us to get to know Cassie on a personal and professional level and made me really glad to know she was going to be there for our special day. She was very friendly and answered all and any questions we had. When the big day arrived Cassie made herself so scarce and we hardly even knew she was there. She was with us the entire time we were at the birth centre and a couple of hours after Louie was born. She went to all extremes to ensure that we got beautiful photos of every part of the birth - even lying on the floor!!! Cassie then delivered the photos beautifully presented along with a lovely book which proudly sits on our coffee table! I couldn't recommend Cassie enough and for anyone considering her services I thoroughly suggest you book in because she will provide you with everlasting memories of one of the most special days in your life. Thank you Cassie, you will see us again xx 

Alana - Louie's Mum


No words can even begin to describe the talent, the passion for capturing images of birth, the amazing work ethic and the commitment to pleasing her clients that encapsulates everything about Cassie's being. Although she was only with us for a short time due to the labour being of a lesser time, her images still seemed to capture the emotion, the excitement and the process of the birth of our beautiful baby girl. She has a raw talent for creating a beautiful memory of birth which can sometimes be a particularly unpleasant few moments. She does not interrupt the natural order of birth and is extremely considerate of how each individual is feeling at the time. Cassie is undeniably dedicated to her work, she goes above and beyond anyone's expectations and we could honestly not recommended her enough!

Natasha - Azariah's mum


Thank you so much Cassie for capturing the moments of our daughters birth. I had never thought about having  birth photography before but after talking to you and seeing your work decided I wanted it! :-) Having you in the room was fantastic, you were barely there but if I had a question or needed support you were right there and I felt completely comfortable. So excited to see my birth photos especially daddy's face for the 1st time after seeing his baby girl! I'm so glad we decided to do this. You're very special. ♥ Thank you again Xxx

Victoria  - Adalees's Mum


Cassie has a warm, friendly and caring nature and from the first time I met her I knew I would be happy for her to be part of the birth of our baby girl. The speedy arrival of our wee girl at home didn’t allow Cassie to make it for the actual birth. However as soon as she got the call from my husband at 4am, she raced over to our home to take photos of Ruby’s first few hours, her first feed, Dads first cuddle and our twins meeting their baby sister for the first time. All these priceless moments were captured and presented on the most beautiful and moving slide show – a gift we will treasure forever. Cassie’s presence was unobtrusive and respectful and her passion and enthusiasm for her job is so sincere. Thanks Cassie for making us feel so special and being part of such a magical time for our family.

Jo  - Ruby's Mum


WOW! I don't EVER think I will be able to thank you enough for the memories you captured!  I'm so in love with every single one.  A big crying joyfull mess is understatement! You are amazing at your job and the presentation of the book, disk and prints is beautiful! Thanks so much Cassie. I hope you will be there for the next baby because I can't imagine you not being there! xxxxx 

Sharnn - Lewis' Mum