"SUPRISE"- A Natural Breech Birth

It was 3.45am on Wednesday 20th May 2015, my phone rang and woke me up with a fright. On the other end was Julie, my clients' Midwife. "Aimee and Dan are on their way to River Ridge in an Ambulance Cassie, they didn't want to drive as things are moving REALLY fast!" And with that I was up, out of bed, grabbing my gear and out the door. I knew they had a good 40 minute drive to get there and I would most likely beat them to the Birth Centre, and I did. I sat and chatted with Julie and Bev, the midwives, and got my camera out and rearing to shoot. At 4.25am the Ambulance pulled up outside the front doors, we all sprung to our feet. Aimee really was working hard and was wheeled pretty swiftly into the birth room.

She instinctively got up onto the bed on all fours and was pushing! We could see bubs......but could also see meconium coming out...um, hang on, that's a BUM not a HEAD we can see! Julie was so calm, she looked at Bev and they shared a wee 'moment', probably a moment of "WOAH....SUPRISE!!" Calmly Julie told Aimee her baby was coming bum first and quietly asked her to prop herself sitting on the very edge of the bed....and this happened.....so quickly and easily, Aimee birthed her gorgeous wee girl. Only about 4 minutes after arriving in the birth room.

It was simply amazing. Aimee just took it all in her stride. As did her wonderful Midwife Julie. There was no panic, no stressing or fussing, just a beautiful birth of a darling little girl, Keira.

Her little legs were sooooo cute and sprung up to her head straight away, a common thing for Breech bubbas.

It took a moment for what just transpired to actually sink in for everyone I think! But when it did, we all stood there in awe of Aimee! I know I did anyway.

Breech Birth is just a variation of normal!

Thank you Aimee and Dan for allowing me to share Keiras birth!! You guys rock!!

Love Cass xox

Here is Aimee's Story...

I was awakened by contractions at 1:30am. Thinking that they may be braxton hicks again (as I'd had so many in the weeks leading up to today) I snuck out of bed, made myself a hot drink and stood out on our deck swaying my hips and timing my contractions. Deciding that these were too regular and building in strength, I thought I'd pack the car and get dressed into what I had planned to birth in, knowing a photographer would be present. Contractions were still building so I decided to wake hubby at 2:15am and let him know “todays the day!” While he got Taylor (13) and Ashlee (4) out of bed and organized, all of a sudden my contractions became strong to the point I really wanted to get going, hubby called Julie (my midwife) and told her we are on our way. Kids in the car “finally we are going!!”, I looked across the car as we were about to get in and told Dan “hold on here comes another one”, I held onto the car as a contraction set in and by the time he got to me I felt my waters break!. So nope, no car ride for us! With my previous 2 births this signaled she would be here very soon! Off to the shower (there goes my clothes I'd picked out) Dans calling the ambulance, Julie and my parents to get them up to speed as my parents would now need to come to our house to pick up Taylor and Ashlee. The water on my back was pure heaven, I loved water births and had planned on a water birth. Unfortunately with the steam, I got very dizzy. Dan carried me out to the lounge, I went onto hands and knees under the heatpump and felt the need to start pushing! Dan was in front of me, my arms gripped around his shoulders/neck, he became my pain relief. The ambulance arrived and I was told she was crowning, waahhooo! Im having this baby at home !....But nope Dan wouldn’t have a bar of it and that turned out a damn good decision. Into the ambo and suddenly this birth turned to everything I really didn't want :( I was lying flat on my back, but decided I would try some gas. I knew how long it took to get there and was memorizing every turn and roundabout. I really wanted to get out of this bed! Approximately half way there I started to get concerned, something didn’t feel right, I'd been pushing too long in comparison to my other two. Finally we arrived at the birth centr. Yay I see Julie and Cassie waiting for me!! I immediately jumped onto the awaiting bed and onto a hands and knees postion and heard Julie wanting to check for a fetal heart beat, my stomach dropped, could this be why?? That minute seemed to last forever... But theres her heartbeat!! “But Aimee shes decided to come breech” a wave of relief came over me and Julie told me how to sit and told me its time to push this bubba out, with no gas as you will need every bit of energy. “OK lets do this!!'” I thought! With Dan holding me and me gripping him tightly, Keira was born a few short minutes later bum first!! Amazed and in complete relief I took a quick look at her then looked up and took a deep breath... YUSSS. She was perfect, hubby was perfect, Julie was amazing... And oh that’s right, Cassie's here!! Haha. My parents brought Taylor and Ashlee in and welcomed Keira into our family. That moment was incredible!!

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